We purchased a "Deal Chicken" Carnival cruise pkg offered through Vacation Tour and Travel for $599.

Calling well before the 90 advanced booking but was told nothing available until Sept. They try to sell you upgraded rooms and when you dont then suddenly, nothing available now until Nov.

I called back and talked to a different agent and he was doing the same upgrade selling even though I said I didnt want to upgrade. He said they have only have been given a few of these 4a rooms from Carnival, and LA is a hard Port to get out of because its the most popular (even though they sold over 1,000 of these certificates). Also, I understand this is not valid for group travel but they say they will not allow any 2 vouchers to be redeemed through same sailing week. When I questioned how this is possible with only 52 weeks in a year he said, "well if we book to vouchers we investigate to make sure the travelers dont know each other".

We have ways of finding out and can terminate the voucher for fraudulant use.

?????? Basically they sell these to make money on upgrades and if you are not willing to upgrade then there is next to nothing available, no matter how much in advance you book!

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I am trying to imitate a class action suite against this company . I was swindled by VTT through the Today Show scam for a.

4-day carnival cruise. Please contact me at dabernstein@msn.com if you were swindled by these guys too. Once we have a list of potential class action members, I believe we have a real shot at getting our money back through settlement. I have discussed this case with Arkansas BBB and Attorney General's Office and several lawyers I know, and as long as others speak up along with me we can win.

Please send me your contact info and any other information you wish to share.

Thanks. -David

to Dabernst Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #1256472

I was scammed by Bluegreen saying they would give me a free cruise and not until I read the reviews online did I find out that Bluegreen gave you a certificate to book through VTT, and if I thought Bluegreen was bad these guys are horrible!!! :/ yes they should be sued!!!


Travel scams or any other kinds, I think everybody should check Scam Detector, an app that Apple released recently. They have hundreds and hundreds of scams exposed, in several industries. For those interested, the app has an online presence as well: www.scam-detector.com

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